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About us
Welcome to Elegance Online.
Please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are a U.S. company based in Atlanta, GA, and in partnership with the key emerald miners in Colombia, India and australia. Through our close association with the most prestigious miners in the world, we are bringing the gem trade into the 21st Century by cutting out the traditional middlemen and bringing you the finest gemstones available, directly from the source. Elegance Online, LLC feature the stock of KTC diamond & Emerald Elegance, two long repute miners & wholesalers that has being on the gemstone trade for the last 20 years.

Both family owned companies pride of our quality, customer service, honestly and excellence. With offices in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Bangkok, Bogota, Jaipur and New York we can offer you a premium customer service all around the world. We don't deal with many types of stones, or even Jewelry; we only deal with Fancy Color diamonds and Natural Colombian emeralds, the ones we been selling for more than 30 years to the whole jewelry business. Just being good in your product, is possible to pass savings and benefits to you.

We are one of the largest emerald & Color Diamond outlets in the world, and a company that takes care of its customers, selecting only the best stock of emeralds & Fancy Diamonds from the mine productions.
When you buy from us you can be assured that our gems have never been sold before!

Our Goal:
Bring you the best direct from mines, with excellent prices and world leading support. to reach this target we established a very special operation 11 years ago, where  we develop an advance e- commerce platform that allow you to have, as fast we cut the stones, access to it, anywhere in the world at excellent prices.

We offer exceptional opportunities for jewelers and Dealers that want to feature our stock in your own places with your own brand. ask for you affiliate program for Jewelers and Gemstone dealers. All you need to have is your own web site, we will supply more than 3000 unique items for you, Now you can make money without invest in a whole stock of gemstones.

Elegance Online, LLC is a member of the  Manufacturing Jewelers and Silversmiths of America. KTC Diamond is member of the Hong Kong Jewelry Association, the Idian Jewelry Board. We assist to the most prestigious gemstone & jewelry fairs with our own booths:


January - Macau, Venetian
- Emeralds: L51
- Diamonds: k32&34

February - Tucson GJX:#203-4303

March - Hong Kong: 5H40 &42

April - Basel Show: Hall 6 Delta A10

May - Las Vegas JCK
: #36043

June - Hong Kong
: GA08 &10

September - Hong Kong Jewelry Show
- Emeralds (gemstone pavillion): 10J36 & 38
- Diamond Pavillion: 5j24 &26 - 5k23 &25

For more information, please contact us

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